This is a FREE physical & mental transformation challenge that's specifically designed to make 2021 the year you finally crack your FITNESS, NUTRITION, & MINDSET "code"!

AIM Supplements is offering this 6-week challenge (valued at $999) for FREE as part of our "10k transformations in 2021" initiative. Our goal is to positively transform 10,000 lives from all across the United States in 2021. 

We plan on doing this through challenges such as these where we provide participants all of the tools they need to finally #AimAbove the things we consider to be THE BIGGEST threats to our collective well-being -- complacency, low self-esteem, poor habits, unhealthy bodies & minds, and bad relationships with food.

To join this challenge, click one of the four buttons and fill out the onboarding form. We'll see you in our private support group!


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How do I sign up for the 6-week Aim Above Transformation Challenge?

Join the Facebook group by clicking on one of the four (4) orange buttons on this page. Once you're in the group, an admin will introduce you to everyone and privately message the onboarding form to you. See you inside! 

What happens after I sign up?

Once you fill out the onboarding form and join our Private Facebook Support Group, an admin will message you with further instructions. In these messages, we'll go over your meal plans, grocery lists, workouts, goals, and how to upload your before/after photos. See you in the group!

PLEASE NOTE: The official Challenge Rules will be posted in the Private Facebook Support Group as well! 

Do I have to use Aim Supplements' products to participate and win? 

There is no cost to enter the challenge nor do you have to use our products  to get full access and participate. However, to be an Aim Above Challenge Winner and win cash, you would have to be using AIM products during the challenge as they are part of your daily nutritional plan. Since protein supplementation is an essential daily product for losing body fat, building lean muscle, keeping you full longer, and curving cravings - we will prescribe that in all of the plans. The other products will be prescribed on more of an individual basis. Your trainer/nutritionist will explain further!

Please know that we will be looking for winners who made the best transformations while using AIM Supplements products and following our nutritional meal plans. Winners will become Sponsored Brand AIMbassadors and their stories and photos will be shared on the @aimsupps social media. It would be wrong for us to post transformations of people who never used our products or followed our nutritional advice. 

IMPORTANT: All AIM products must be purchased directly from our official website, 

Challenge rules and terms of conditions?


This challenge is 100% FREE! All participants will receive personalized plans and have full access to the support group. However, in order to be one of the challenge winners, you must have followed the official AIM nutritional meal plan and have been using AIM Supplements' products throughout the challenge. Please see the above tab for more info. 


All grocery lists, meal plans, photo cards, and recipe books will be uploaded and/or emailed by Thursday, January 21st.

The 6-Week AIM Above Transformation Challenge starts on Monday, January 25th.

All Week 1 "before" photos must be submitted by Monday, January 25th @ 5:00pm EST.

The weekly workouts will be uploaded in the private Facebook support group every Sunday. 


All participants are required to post in the private Facebook support group AT LEAST twice (2x) weekly. These can be selfies, recipes, workouts, updates, ANYTHING!

Week 1 and Week 6 "before" and "after" photos must be submitted by the appropriate dates. More info will be provided in the group!


There will be four (4) total winners that will split the $2,000 in cash prizes as follows:

1st Place Female: 750 Cash

1st Place Male: $750 Cash

2nd Place Female: $250 Cash

2nd Place Male: $250 Cash

In addition to the cash, all four (4) winners will also become Sponsored Brand AIMbassadors!

Where can I find the onboarding form?