We're looking for REAL, EVERYDAY PEOPLE to join our fAIMily of Sponsored Brand AIMbassadors! If you're someone who wants to "level-up" in life by getting in great shape, improving your health, leading others, making additional monthly income, & being a part of a close-knit community...then this is for YOU. Apply today!
  • What's involved?
  • Our requirements.
  • Join our #AimAbove fAIMily.

  • Earn free supplements.

  • Earn free apparel & swag.

  • Earn income with your code. 

  • Become a sponsored athlete.

  • Get invited to fitness expos.

  • Get in shape & stay motivated.

  • Receive exclusive discounts & access.

  • Grow with us & evolve with the brand.

  • You must be a person of integrity.

  • You must be passionate about fitness.

  • You must be enthusiastic & sincere.

  • You must be growth-oriented & driven.

We're not just a premium supplement company...

...we're a movement that inspires busy adults & athletes to #AimAbove in everything they do -- at home, in the gym, or during everyday life.

In fact, that's what AIM stands for. "Always Improving Myself" & "Always In Motion".

So, are you ready to reach new heights by joining our #AimAbove fAIMily?

To join our fAIM & become a Sponsored Brand AIMbassador, you DON'T need:

- a certain amount of social media "followers".

- to constantly post or sell to your friends & family.

- to meet certain "quotas".

- to be in the best physical shape.

- to have a large network of people.

But, you DO need:

- to be passionate about our products & brand. 

- to have integrity & be sincere. 

- to have a growth-mindset & be driven.

- to portray a positive, healthy image to others.

P.S. You're going to love our products, community, & perks!

P.P.S. You're also going to get in AIMazing shape with the FREE workout & meal plan programs we'll provide for you!


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👇 Real people > "influencers" 👇


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How do I apply to become a Sponsored Brand AIMbassador?

Apply to become an AIMbassador by filling out the form that's on this page. Please fill out all of the fields and provide as much detail as possible on the open-ended questions! 

What happens after I apply?

Once you apply, you will receive an email notification directing you to our Private Facebook Support Group. In the meantime, our internal Sponsorship Department will be reviewing your application to see if we're a good fit. 

What happens if I get rejected?

Don't get bummed out about it!

We get a ton of applications on a daily basis and unfortunately, we can't accept everyone. 

But with that being said, please feel free to re-apply after a 90-day wait!

What happens if I get approved?


What perks do I get if I become an AIMbassador?

1. You'll get an exclusive code that you can use to promote AIM products to your fans, friends, and followers. This code will give them 15% off any purchase. And since this is the biggest discount they will be able to get from AIM, they will use your code to experience our products and save money. 

2. You'll receive and begin your FREE AIMbassador workout and meal plan program. This is exclusively designed for our AIMbassadors by our team of Trainers and Nutritionists to make sure you have everything you need to get (or stay) in AIMazing shape!

3. You'll earn sales commissions on all orders placed with your code. The commissions range from 10-15%. Our average order value is around $150 order which means you could be making $15-$22.50 off of every sale. Multiply this by 20, 40, or even 60 sales per month and you could be making thousands of dollars in additional income from doing nothing but posting and sharing your #AimAbove way of life!

4. All of our onboarding AIMbassador bundles come with apparel and swag so you're fully equipped to showcase your newly-formed partnership! 

What is required of me as an AIMbassador?

All we ask is that you post twice (2) a month of your preferred social media pages. These posts should be health, fitness, nutrition, or motivation-related. Tag @aimsupps and promote the hashtag #AimAbove. 

In addition to that, you will be expected to commit to the #AimAbove lifestyle. This way of life is centered around taking action, constantly improving yourself, and maintaining a positive mindset and attitude that inspires others! 

Why am I required to make a purchase?

For two reasons: 

1. To make sure you familiarize yourself with our products and have everything on hand to be successful as an AIMbassador. 


2. To ensure that we are only bringing people who are serious on board with us. The last thing we want to do is attract individuals who have no long-term interest of growth with us and are only applying so they can get some free product. We invest a lot of time and energy into this, and want to make sure the other side is committed to the same!

Do I have to follow the workout program and diet?

No. But we highly recommend you do! It's the same program that hundreds of other AIMbassadors have used to lose a significant amount of body fat, build lean muscle, and improve their overall health. 

It's also a great way to have an AIMazing transformation yourself and it'll allow you to really live and preach the healthy, #AimAbove way of life to others!

$499 value, yours FREE!